Our Services

Rhino Construction, LLC is a Massachusetts-based company located in Acton. It was founded by Willian Hryniewich in 1980 as a modest excavation company with a single John Deere shovel dozer. Since that time, William’s son, James, has joined the business and has helped oversee the growth of the company into the next generation.

Site Development

Rhino Construction’s Site Development Division specializes in land clearing, road construction, parking lots, underground utilities, storm water runoff, trench drains, sewerage, potable water, and all utilities for both large and small subdivisions.

Site preparation is the first task that must be completed on any project.  To start a new project in a site that is unfriendly to the project can upend plans, present obstacles to building permits and hurt the overall project.  Site prep must be addressed before any project can begin. It is a challenging activity that must be dealt with before any building project can begin in earnest.

Site preparation can require demolition, soil clearing, addressing environmental concerns, and overall project coordination to ensure a smoothly running project.  A site that is properly prepared at the outset means a safer and better working environment and also contributes to a high-quality project that is up to code.

Clear Water / Wastewater

The Clear Water / Wastewater Division focuses on public water supplies, pump stations, and treatment plants for large- and small-scale projects. There are three main stages to wastewater treatment: primary, secondary, and tertiary water treatment. Each of these stages addresses different pollutants, with water becoming cleaner throughout the process.

During primary treatment, wastewater is held temporarily in a settling tank so that heavier solids sink to the bottom and lighter solids rise to the surface. Once settled, these materials are held back, and the remaining liquid is discharged.

Secondary treatment of wastewater aims to significantly reduce the biological content of the waste through aerobic biological processes.  This is done through biofiltration, aeration, and oxidation ponds.

Tertiary wastewater treatment improves the quality of the water to domestic and industrial standards, or to meet specific requirements around the safe discharge of water. Tertiary treatment can also involve the removal of pathogens, ensuring that water is safe for drinking purposes.


Rhino’s Demolition Division concentrates on a wide range of projects from residential single family wood structures to multi-level wood, steel, brick and concrete commercial buildings.

Rhino properly handles removal and disposal of all waste produced during the construction, renovation, and demolition of buildings or structures includes materials such as concrete, bricks, wood and lumber, roofing, drywall, landscaping, and other wastes in accordance with Massachusetts and New Hampshire State Environmental Laws and Regulations.

Before demolition begins, contamination from any source (lead, asbestos, other hazardous materials) must be resolved. Hazardous materials must be disposed of according to federal regulation. Demolition debris can be disposed of in either construction and demolition debris landfills or municipal solid waste landfills. Where appropriate, debris may be sorted and recycled.